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9 Great Digital Branding Strategies for Your New Business

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One of the hardest parts of establishing a new business is getting your name out there. No matter how light or competition-heavy your industry may be, it’s a challenge to build your reputation.

The key to making your business known is branding. As opposed to the broader term of marketing, branding focuses on showing customers who you are. You’re focused less on immediate sales and more on building familiarity.

Fortunately, there’s hope. There are plenty of ways to use the power of digital branding to spread the word about your new company. Here are the digital branding strategies you need to have in your branding plan:

Key Digital Branding Strategies for 2018

The importance of branding is no secret. By building a reputation and maintaining a consistent image, you can work toward becoming a household name. Here are some ways to do that:

1. Highlight Your Story

Customers want to feel a personal connection with the companies they patronize. They want to know who you are and who your company is.

If your business has an interesting origin story, use it to your advantage. If not, tell them your story and how you got to where you are. The goal is to give your businesses a face and a personality.

When you know what story you want to tell, give it a prominent place in your branding. Put a lot of thought into your “About Us” page of your website. Publicize your story in your social media posts and digital ads as well.

2. Target Select Social Media Platforms

It’s no secret that social media is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. However, many businesses make the mistake of trying to be on every platform under the sun. This spreads your budget too thin and can actually impair your branding.

Instead, choose a few social media platforms to focus on. Think about which platforms fit your brand and your target audience. If you’re a youthful, millennial-focused company, focus on Twitter and Instagram for example.

3. Prioritize Video Marketing

What better way for people to get to know your business’ personality than to see it in action? Video marketing is one of the best forms of branding.

Videos tend to portray your personality better than written content. As helpful as they are for your brand, you can also use videos as a type of content marketing. Create videos to answer common questions from consumers, explain concepts in your area of expertise, and more.

While most businesses think of YouTube when they think of video marketing, that’s just one avenue to success. On top of YouTube videos, create live videos on social media platforms. Integrate videos into your website as well.

4. Make Good Use of Your Blog

Your blog is a great place to convey your brand. If you don’t already have a blog on your website, now is the time to start. As great as it is for branding, blogging is also one of the most useful ways to improve your SEO.

According to a recent study, marketers who blog on a consistent basis are 13 times more likely to get a strong ROI than those who don’t. As you write pieces for your blog, make sure your brand comes through loud and clear in the content and the writing.

These blogs can also be a great way to build your brand on social media. They’re easy to share, and if you have great information and a strong title, the social media crowd will spread them like wildfire.

5. Create Templates for Social Media Images

Sometimes the biggest challenge with portraying your brand is just keeping your materials consistent. This is especially true if your marketing is distributing among several people.

Keeping your visuals consistent is an important part of branding. To help, try creating templates for your social media images. Anyone on your team can swap out the photo and the text while keeping the font, colors, and logo in place.

6. Connect with Influences Who Fit Your Brand

Influences are polarizing in the digital marketing world: some love them, some hate them. In reality, they can have a powerful impact on sales if your campaign is executed in a tasteful way.

To maintain your clear brand, though, don’t scrounge for every celebrity connection you have. Reach out to influencers who fit your brand’s image and appeal to your target audience.

A great way to connect is through guest blogging.  Take advantage of all opportunities by having companies, like this one, help manage your guest blogging efforts.

7. Invest in Paid Social Media Marketing

Everyone thinks that if they do social media marketing well enough, they can get top-rate engagement and sales without spending a penny.

It’s not impossible, but it’s unlikely. When it comes to digital branding, a small social media budget goes a long way. This is especially true for new businesses. When you’re starting with zero followers, paid ads will get your information to the right audiences.

8. Claim All of Your Profiles

Part of putting out a positive, strong brand is maintaining your online reputation. This means staying on top of your reviews profiles.

In addition to encouraging happy customers to leave reviews, you also need to respond to negative reviews. Be genuine and show that you’re concerned.

The first step, however, is claiming your profiles. You can’t respond to a review without claiming the profile. Profiles that are linked to search engines, like Google reviews and Bing reviews, also give your SEO a boost when you claim them.

On top of Google and Bing, claim your profile on Yelp and any other reviews sites you can find.

9. Keep Your Brand in a Customer’s Mind with Email Marketing

Another important part of building your brand is reminding customers about you in the form of email marketing. In addition to delivering sales and news to a customer’s inbox, email marketing is a low-cost way to increase your brand’s visibility.

Make sure your marketing emails are mobile-friendly, though. Over half of email opens are on mobile devices, so your emails should be designed with mobile as a priority, not an afterthought.

Becoming a Master of Digital Branding

Starting a company can feel overwhelming. Where do you begin when trying to build a reputation, a brand, and a business from scratch? It’s all about defining your brand clearly and adding pieces to the puzzle. The tips above are great ways to get started.

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